Service Management System

Service Management

  • Customers are straight forwardly believe the Brands with an assumption that the respective Brands will fulfill their commitments which includes Post sales service support. They get upset with when they have been asked follow the process and gets impatient at times.
  • Original bill is mandated for every Post Sales Service requirement, which is been insisted by many organizations. However, individuals used to tend to forget them, once the purchase is made. They used to run between the pillars, when the organization asked about the bill which some time leads to difference of opinion.

Service Management Solutions

  • Our Service Management System, supports the customers to keep the bills and contracts online in the cloud and access it whenever required
  • We too have a provision to enable our customers to leave their worries to reach the Customer Care to us. We will reach them and update you the status
  • A personalized cloud storage to upload the scanned copies of bills or warranty cards, retrieve the and share them with your family members thru email or whatsapp etc


Asset Inventory
Alert Notification
Extended Support
Service Follow ups
Value Added Services

How it works

Create Membership
Upload Assets
Service Inputs
Reminder Alerts
Service Intervention
Follow ups
On Call Support
Post Service Feedback
Decision Support System

Benefits For Whom?

  • Individual Customers

  • Business Owners

  • Travellers

  • Service Companies

  • Corporate Companies

  • Commercial Organisation

  • Software Industries

  • Any Agencies