Service Desk

Service Desk

How acquiring a customer is challenging, that equal efforts required for retaining them. On realizing the difference, when your customer enjoys the service from your end, they themselves will become the ambassador for your brand and that will help you to add the new clients easily. However, it depends, how well you provide seamless service when they interact with your business.

Tech Support

In short, Tech support helps the end customers to use the product wisely and effectively. Tech support are extended through various communication mechanisms, like, Phone calls, chat, email or using a software application etc.

Application Support

Application support approach enables the team to diagnose the root cause of the problem and help the customers to use the system very effectively. Also it contributes for product enhancement

Why Balladonia?

Balladonia provides remote help desk services to your customers on your behalf and can personalize the end user support. This will make your business simple and allow you to more focused on the core business.

  • We are highly flexible

  • Scalable solution

  • Personalized support

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Value added services for customer retention

What do we do?

Security Operating Center
Configuration of PC
Active Directory
Trouble shooting
Web Management
Customer Engagement