Resource Management

On Demand Resources

The amount of efforts required to acquire a customer, that equal efforts are required to make them get satisfied. When the project has been awarded, customers will start their expectations in terms of the final output from next day, they themselves will monitor the project progress. In this difficult scenarios, getting appropriate talents in place will be a challenging. On Demand Resource Management approach will be of great help to get the required talents to kickstart the software development. We at Balladonia understand the Corporate difficulties, since we are also experienced the same. Our resources are highly enriched with emerging technologies and can start coding from the day one, since they have already contributed for various client projects and they have proved their capabilities.

Talents On Demand

In short, get the talents for your immediate requirements. Whether you want them to operate from our office or work from home or expecting them to be presented in your development center to be along with other team members, they are ready. We have readily deployable people who have proven their competencies and made the deliveries on time. These talents are from our In House.

Strategic Hiring

If you are not sure about the duration of your engagement with particular customer for whom you're aiming to deliver the solutions, or proving your technical capabilities or proving the concept using the emerging technologies, short term talents on Time and Materials or people who are ready for C2H engagement model, will be of great relief from various aspects. We are ready to support you by deploying our experts who are highly capable enough to handle your requirements.

Why Balladonia?

Balladonia provides onsite and remote Talents on Time and Material basis to our customers for their project requirements to make the development and delivery very smooth. This will make your business simple and allow you to more focused on the core business.

  • We are highly flexible

  • Scalable solution

  • Personalized support

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Value added services

Our Technology Capabilities

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